About Us

The Lou Gehrig Day Committee is made up of People with ALS, Caregivers of ALS, and Family with ALS. We are proud to represent the ALS community as a whole to raise awareness and find cures!

(pALS) Bryan Wayne Galentine (1967-2020), Pat Quinn (1983-2020), Kevin Heller (1961-2021), Pete Frates (1984-2019), Chris Combs (1975-2020), Christopher Fagan (1955-2019), Adam Wilson, Larry Falivena, Phil Green, Sarah Nauser-Olsen, Eric Stevens, Osiel Mendoza, Teresa Thurtle, Chris Snow

(cALS) Mike Piscotty, Tamara Hilliard, Lesley Heller

(fALS) Chuck Haberstroh, Steve Haberstroh, Tom Haberstroh, Matthew Giarratano, Mike Crawford, Kate Fagan, Nancy Frates, John Heller